Final Festivus XI Weekly Update Feb 10, 2023

Notes and whatnot based on my stream.

Hello and welcome back to my FFXI Horizon talk show. I still don’t have a name but this is like KillingIfrit, the old forums with lots of drama. I’m mainly focused on HorizonXI private server for FFXI and any and all news, including drama itself. 

All I ask is that you follow the HorizonXI and FFXI rules as it relates to these news items. Don’t use this as a reason to go out and bother anyone. I’ve attempted to keep all names redacted as much as possible.

The big news this week is the OP warp fix. 

OP warps are outpost warps, where if you complete a supply mission for your nation, you get access to warp to and from that outpost. This can be done from your home nation or Jeuno. It turns out there were folks who met the criteria (supply mission completed, appropriate level, enough money, etc) yet they still couldn’t warp. The devs took about two weeks and finally determined the cause: the blacklist.

The blacklist is a way for players to block others in game. It turns out that if a player had a certain name type on the blacklist, then they couldn’t OP warp. Super odd cause, but the devs pinned it down and now there’s a fix, yay! 

This is a bit ironic since there are issues with the blacklist itself, including folks who blacklist someone and yet can still see their messages. No real known reason or cause for this, leading to people just continuously having to block someone. Hopefully this isn’t going to lead into harassment issues where someone can’t block someone who’s sending them hateful or threatening messages. I have one person blocked and I made it clear that I blocked them so if they kept messaging me I’d just contact the admins. 

Many players are still reporting blackscreens (downloading data) where they enter/leave the Moghouse in Lower Jeuno and getting kicked out of the game. Most commonly in Lower Jeuno but has been reported elsewhere. There are also still zones crashing, but less often than before. I believe the devs are trying to determine what is causing this. 

There is some debate about ClaimShield issues and if it’s working or not. Claimshield is a way to even the playing field for claiming NMs as they spawn when there’s lots of competition. FFXI is old and similar to other games, it’s all based on ping. So if you aren’t in the US, claiming NMs is extremely difficult. The way I understand it, ClaimShield is active on an NM so anyone who takes action on it will be put in a “pool” and after a set amount of time (usually a couple of seconds), the claim goes to a random person in the pool. This helps out folks overseas in claiming NMs (as compared to seeing an NM spawned already claimed). The debate is around how long ClaimShield takes to determine a lottery winner, as I’ve seen up to 4 seconds being reported, which is long in FFXI time, but also folks still watching NMs spawn claimed. There’s also some debate over which NMs have it and which don’t and I’m not sure if the devs released a list or not. Curious to know if anyone has any experience with this.

Similar to ClaimShield, the Thief (THF) ability Treasure Hunter (TH) is getting some heat. There’s a debate between TH1 and TH2 not having much difference in Discord. Folks asked for support and none was provided, but there has been discussion on terrible drops depending on which mobs were being farmed. Hopefully there’s no bug. 

HorizonXI devs are working to fix the various bugs in the game, too. 

They’ve announced there’s a Mog Satchel bug and not to include items in it as it will be removed with today’s patch. 

There’s lots of talk of Gravity not applying the movement debuff to mobs and is still a work in progress. 

In terms of drama, I’ve been watching /yell chat during the streams. Saw folks alerting of a scammer and the trash talk back and forth.

Folks are getting muted from /yell, and some are taking it to Discord. There’s also complaints about the mutes being a bit too much. For example, a player was muted for telling someone who was spamming to stop spamming. Then they continued spamming. 

There’s been reports of individuals breaking the MPK rule. A streamer (Moomba on caught on stream two BSTs charming pets, then running on his party, and Releasing them to have them aggro or link. He said he did file a report based on the video evidence, but we will not know if actions will be taken. This has apparently happened to others, though no idea if it was the same BSTs or what the reason was, such as NM competition, etc.

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