Final Festivus XI Weekly Update Feb 17, 2023

Repeated introduction: “Hello and welcome back to my FFXI Horizon talk show. I still don’t have a name but this is like KillingIfrit, the old forums with lots of drama. I’m mainly focused on HorizonXI private server for FFXI and any and all news, including drama itself. 

All I ask is that you follow the HorizonXI and FFXI rules as it relates to these news items. Don’t use this as a reason to go out and bother anyone. I’ve attempted to keep all names redacted as much as possible.

Today was a normal patch day and nothing really new or exciting to report. Just seems like mostly bug fixes, which is good to see! 

Over the weekend, the HorizonXI devs focused on trying to resolve the R0 issues occurring primarily in Jeuno. The assumption was that Lower Jeuno had too many individuals in the zone, which caused it to crash. One reason would be the OP Warp Goblin so they implemented Port Jeuno and Upper Jeuno Goblins that could also OP Warp. 

As a result, there have been about half as many messages related to the R0 issues. It’s still not fully resolved, but progress. 

On a positive note, one of the HorizonXI team is providing a Jukebox with the classic music for FFXI zones but also included the “newer” music for musicless zones. Check it out here: 

The big news that didn’t occur this week, but will be happening on Sunday, is the Mog House Meeting the HorizonXI staff are hosting on Sunday. It occurs on channel at 23:00 UTC. The staff intend to discuss the burning questions, which hasn’t been around in the Discord for a couple of weeks. I’m excited to see what they discuss and share. 

“Mog House Meeting – Live on Twitch It’s been a while since we have been face-to-face with our community outside of personal streams, so we are excited to share that we will be holding a live Mog House Meeting on February 19, 2023 5:00 PM. (This is in your local time.) Much like our pre-launch Dev Blogs, our Community Manager and Developer Teams will share with you our future plans as well as tackle some of your Burning Questions. As a reminder, our official Twitch account can be found here:

HorizonXI Discord

The server has its very own Hardcore speedrunner! Samuraijake streamed himself over the weekend speed running leveling BST from 1-20 on his Hardcore account (also includes an Ash Ketchum cosplay). Hardcore is where players get rewards for not dying, but lose them all on death. There’s a server-wide message when they do die. Jake has quite a few jobs at higher levels so he’s adding challenges for himself. You can watch him speedrun BST from 20-30 this Saturday on his Twitch channel: 

I’ve also been personally streaming less of the /yell chat streams. If you’re missing out, you can check out other streamers who do the same thing. The one I always use is 

For the latest drama… I was informed there were some in game interactions between HorizonXI staff where folks were getting a bit hostile. I’ve censored their names so you can decide for yourself. 

Additionally, similar to last week’s MPK drama, more players are calling each other out for MPK and rule breaking (and subsequent punishment). I captured the Discord interaction below, keeping folks identity’s secret. MPK is explicitly called out in the rules as being a form of griefing and not allowed, yet it seems many folks aren’t clear about it or we see repeated instances of it occurring. 

Also related, it seems there is drama and conflict with folks trying to get others in trouble via abusing the ticketing system. There was a suggestion related that hints that false tickets are being submitted in an attempt to get others banned. While I’d like to think folks are using the ticketing system honestly, this implies there could be something more going on behind the scenes.

Other drama includes folks accusing HorizonXI staff of misbehavior. Whether it’s using insider knowledge or playing favorites. We’ve had instances of staff speaking up on the Discord to clarify things when accused. 

But then there’s also instances of inconsistent staff behavior. Below, I was timed out in Discord during my daily message of “Good morning/afternoon, any new drama/tea/news” message. It was deleted and then I was timed out while someone else (shown) said the same thing with no repercussions. Is this where I start raging about “media censorship” and “fake news”?

Some of the accusations seem completely fabricated, probably just drama mongering. However, they’re never addressed and just removed, leaving folks unsure of what is and isn’t the case when things like this pop up. 

Though this is probably good the admins are attempting to address the rumors.

There are lots of folks mad about botting, but very little evidence of it publicly. There have been endless debates of how to tell someone is a botter vs not, and other various, creative solutions. I’ve seen people claim folks are botting because they don’t reply to messages in /say, but then again, who even reads /say? Others will claim someone who can claim a NM consistently is also botting, even with the ClaimShield feature we discussed last show.

Long story short, it’s good players aren’t making admin decisions. Hopefully the Mog House Meeting discusses some of these concerns so folks will stop drama mongering and spreading rumors.”

That is all for this week! o7 

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