Final Festivus XI Weekly Update Feb 3, 2023

A Final Fantasy XI private server drama discussion.

Hi all, it’s Rahne. I’ve wanted a place to capture my written transcript for HorizonXI “news” show that I’m starting so I’m posting them here. I’ll link to the video for those who want to watch but also recording most of the notes/recap here. Not a normal blog about wholesome, comfy games. But still related to my gaming adventures. Thank you!

“Hello everyone my name is Rahne, we’re not starting this yet because I’m going to run ads, that way when people join me they don’t get ads because of Twitch, so for three minutes we’re going to run ads.

I’ve not prepared anything for this… I’m far from a professional.

So I’ve been playing FFXI for about three weeks now, maybe four, closer to four weeks so all of January.

Back in the “day” when I was 14 or in 2004, almost 20 years ago at this point, I played FFXI. For context, I played the shit out of this game back in the day. I still have friends from way back in the day on Facebook (originally on Myspace).

HorizonXI came out December 17, 2022 so it’s been out for about a month and a half. They have weekly maintenance on Fridays 15:00 UTC. Updates, patches, fixes. I’m learning FFXI private servers, such as HorizonXI, has lots of drama. Tons of drama on the HorizonXI discord and in general.

Discord drama is filtered out or convoluted and hard to follow. Difficult for folks to seek out the drama.

Example: Reporting someone for “cutting in line” at a BCNM due to limited instances. Not against the rules, but people getting mad about it and argue.

FFXI drama is somehow worse than EVE Online. Not going to name names to follow the rules of HorizonXI.

Example: People arguing about gear and folks being over- or under-geared. Using the website to find folks’ gear to determine if they should be partied together.

Folks just want to argue about BST (beastmasters). 8,497 results just in the Discord search alone.

Poem about BST:

Writer posted the poem and was roasted about it. Half the words don’t really rhyme.

Actual drama related to BLM. Maintenance on January 27 caused an accidental nerf of BLM damage. All normal black magic spells were nerfed to the point of being resisted unless it was done through a magic burst. Lots of frustration from player-base due to Notorious Monsters (NMs) receiving high DPS from magic attacks. When trying to fix, the black magic attacks got nerfed. At least 12 hours of arguments about BLM being broken vs not, and intended vs not, and expectations. A change with no response from the admins or any HorizonXI staff until later. Took 12 hours to finally get a response and a fix. More of the legitimate drama since it was a huge issue for lots of players with no clear answer until later.

Other big news was related to Dragoon (DRG) and Steadywing values being adjusted. Was probably overtuned initially. Hints about it on the Discord.

Some Ranger (RNG) drama related to making use of their utility kit.

Clown emoji – used to make fun of someone’s opinion or roast them. Started out as a way to show an opinion is garbage but has since turned into a “disagree” or “I don’t like you” option. People got offended by the clown emoji and vocalized their hate about it.

Discord bot doesn’t ban bad words. Huge oversight in terms of moderation.

Mercenary drama – people are getting frustrated at folks advertising mercenary services. Example shown via the /yell chat on stream.

Folks have been begging the HorizonXI admins for /yell chat on the website or Discord like Eden. People would rather watch a /yell stream over other gameplay. It’s a higher desired feature.

Hit on the majority of topics in terms of the “drama” stream. Wanted more of a talk show vibe, such as KillingIfrit forums but in talk show form.

If anyone is wanting to try out FFXI let me know, I’m down to Level Sync to hang with folks as they play and learn. Go check out other FFXI streamers, they’re all great and super wholesome. Folks in FFXI have been super chill, even though the Discord is toxic. Aiming to do more of these shows and streams around HorizonXI drama and news.”

End of stream as I raid another streamer.

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