Coral Island Summer Guide

Coral Island art
Coral Island art

Hello! Here’s the spoiler warning in case you care; otherwise, continue to read. This is for folks trying to find tips and tricks and to be prepared for what lies in Year 1 Summer of Coral Island’s Early Access.

As always, things will change and be updated and I’ll do my best to keep this guide current. Feel free to let me know if I’ve missed anything.

If you’ve been following my Starter Guide and Spring Guide then you should already have unlocked the mines, completed the Earth Shaft, did some diving, completed the 5 solar orb quest, and have a few farm buildings built (hopefully the Barn). If not, I’d recommend consulting the Spring Guide alongside this one.

The key things to focus on immediately in summer are below.

Diving Progress
(All are required if not completed in Spring)

  • Bronze Tomato
  • Bronze Corn
  • Bronze Large Milk

Main Quest Bundle – Summer
(All are required)

  • Blueberry
  • Hot Pepper
  • Sunflower – Bronze
  • Shallot
  • Hibiscus

Main Quest Bundle – Ocean Scavengables

(All are required)

  • 5 Sea Salt
  • 1 Calico Scallop
  • 1 Eastern Oyster
  • 1 Blue Mussel
  • 1 Purple Urchin

As always, the Bronze tier items is the minimum you must share. If you get a silver, that can be used instead. This makes stressing about staying on track with getting crops and products easier.

Coral Island art
Coral Island art

This first thing you’ll be able to do is start growing fruit for Sam’s quest. This can be Tomato, Starfruit, Blueberry, etc. The seeds and grown crops note if they are a fruit or vegetable. Again, Coconuts also count as fruit. The only difference here from the stuff above is that you truly need Bronze, Silver+ doesn’t count towards this goal.

The other priority is getting the Barn + Cows set up and going and then focusing on Coop + Chickens. Once done, start saving the Milk and Eggs as Sam will have a quest to ship 20 of each. This quest can be easily completed in Summer if you save up and ship them once you have the quest active. Once the Produce (Vegetables + Fruit) are completed, you can use the town center teleport shrine. Note: Some users are unable to unlock this, known bug.

In spare time, which may be rough given new season and watering new crops, you could aim to complete the Water Shaft of the mines. This will get you Silver Ore to upgrade to Silver Bars and upgrade your tools more (5 Silver Bars, 20 Wood, 5000G). If you’re needing the energy like I did, use the Jamu for easy energy.

I’d also recommend prioritizing diving. I was able to complete the 20 Orb quest which triggered another quest to explore the ocean. Without spoiling too much, I went as far south as possible in the water to get a cutscene. Then, I was able to dive further down where I could get Silver Kelp. From there I mass made sprinklers for my farm (5 Bronze Kelp, 5 Silver Kelp, 10 Scrap). This allowed me to have more energy in the days to dive and mine. It also had resources to complete one of the Offerings bundles (Ocean Scavengables above).

Coral Island art
Coral Island art

To make money, continue to catch bugs when traveling around town. Still an easy 1000G daily on top of shipping Farming and Ranching products. Utilizing the Beehives (unlocked at Catching 2), Mason Jars (unlocked at Farming 3), and Kegs (unlocked at Farming 4), you should be able to get ample profit from your farm and foraging.

In my summer, I was able to get Town Rank D and unlock the last tier of the backpack (12,000G). My house was upgraded to have a Kitchen (100 Wood, 5 Bronze Bar, 50 Stone, 5 Silver Bar, 5000G), but I haven’t tested it out much.

For festivals, the Disco in Color Day is on Summer 12 and Beach Clean Up Day is Summer 27. The Beach Clean Up is working a little bit, but I don’t believe the Disco in Color Day is in at all. Most people seem to be just skipping festivals since they’re still majorly WIP. The mini games are fun at least!

Coral Island art
Coral Island art

If you’ve managed to clear your farm a bit, make sure you have 1 of each tree growing (Pine, Oak, Maple). You can build Taps (50 Wood, 3 Bronze bar) at Foraging 4 to get product from the trees themselves. I’d recommend keeping it, as it’ll be used in recipes or crafting material.

At this point, you may start having excessive income. Either continue to spend it on seeds to grow and harvest or you can try out some of the cosmetics. If you’re aiming big, you could buy Gold Ore (800G) from the Blacksmith or Gold Kelp (800G) from Ling to start saving for the next tier of tool and seed upgrades. I’d recommend the seed upgrades first. By the end of summer, you should start being able to progress into gold!

Hopefully this was helpful to get a head start or maybe catch up on something you’ve missed. If you were looking how to romance NPCs, check out my guide here. Either way, let me know and look forward to the Fall update in a couple of weeks!

Coral Island art
Coral Island art

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