Coral Island Spring Guide

Coral Island screenshot from Stairway games
Coral Island screenshot from Stairway games

If you haven’t seen my starter guide yet, begin there. This guide is meant to cover most of what is important in the first spring of the first year for Coral Island. It’s higher level so not a step-by-step guide, but will definitely help you hit some major milestones. If you notice some of this is repetitive or not helpful, you can always jump ahead to my Summer guide!

If you want to avoid spoilers, I recommend NOT reading further. I’ll touch on quests that may end up spoiling information and the story for you. This guide is for those who want to get a head start, not for those wanting to discover everything themselves.

The first thing you should do, if you haven’t started already, is grind for these items below. These are essential to either clearing diving zones or for bundles for the main questline.

Diving Progression

(All are required)

  • Bronze Cucumber
  • Bronze Potato
  • Large Milk

Main Quest Bundles – Essential

(Only 5 are required)

  • 10 Wood
  • 10 Stone
  • 10 Hay
  • 10 Sap
  • 5 Pinecone
  • 5 Oak
  • 5 Maple

Main Quest Bundle – Spring

(All are required)

  • Turnip
  • Carrot
  • Daisy
  • Wasabi
  • Morel

For the Diving progression, if you miss out on one, they change in the Summer. For example, the Bronze Potato request turns into a Bronze Corn request. So not the end of the world if you don’t reach it. the Bronze tier items is the minimum you must share. If you get a Silver, that can be used instead. This makes stressing about staying on track with getting crops and products easier.

For other quests, you should have progressed to 10 donated items to the museum. This will trigger a quest called Museum Expansion to donate 30 items. After 30, you get the next line in the Museum Expansion quest. This should all be relatively easy if you can catch bugs, fish, and mine for gems and geodes. There really isn’t a super urgent need to rush these at all, but it is good to get done while you can. After the expansion quest completes, you’ll be able to find fossils and torn pages.

Coral Island screenshot from Stairway games
Coral Island screenshot from Stairway games

The next big grind is for bronze crops. You will get a quest from Sam requiring you to ship 50 bronze vegetables and 25 bronze fruit. Save 1 bronze cucumber and 1 bronze potato for the diving progression above, but otherwise start shipping. You can easily get bronze vegetables by crafting fertilizer (2 compost and 1 sap) and using it on planted seeds. It can be laid down before or after the seeds, but not the following days. I recommend using turnips and fertilizer and you can get it easily enough.

Additionally, once you start diving and getting Bronze Kelp, you can upgrade your vegetable seeds which helps with higher quality items; it costs 5 Bronze Kelp Essence, or 50 bronze kelp total. Just don’t forget to pick these up from Ling after a couple days!

For Fruits, focus on coconut trees around the islands (palm trees). You can see when they’re ready by the green coconuts in the leaves. You can shake them to get them to drop. It’s energy-free and easy money! Otherwise you can wait until Summer. Once this quest is completed, you can teleport to/from the center of town.

With all the progress, you should easily be making money. I recommend first investing in a Barn (200 Wood, 100 Stone, 5 Bronze bars, 10 Fiber, 3000G) and 1 Cow (1250 baby or 2500 adult) so you can start making progress to getting a Large Milk for the diving progression. If you have spare income, you could also get the Coop (100 Wood, 50 Stone, 5 Bronze bars, 10 Fiber, 2000G) with some chickens (300 baby or 600 adult). You will need these for a later quest and it’s also free money.

The key thing with the above is to also get a Mill (20 Scrap, 50 Wood, 2 Bronze bars, 2000G) so you can process Fiber to Hay. Then a Silo (100 Scrap, 300 Stone, 2 Silver bars, 2500G) to store the Hay. You cannot store Hay in your inventory, but you can clear grass and weeds for Fiber and place them in the Mill. This will auto submit it to your animal shelters so you can pull it from within and feed your animals on rainy days. It took a while for me to realize this is how it all worked, but it’s working on my save even when it’s not super intuitive.

You should have work stations set up to constantly be making material. Kiln to make glass, Extractor for the Kelp, Furnace for the bars, etc. It may not seem super critical now, but having a supply of things will be helpful later on. Converting Trash to Scrap or Compost is critical and easy to do.

If you want to make more money, create a couple of Beehives (30 wood and 5 Bronze Ore) and feed them Canola. Canola Honey is easy money (235/each), the only thing better is Poppy Honey (275/each). You could also make some Mason Jars and put your crops in it. If you get the quest from Sam, he should have more seeds for you, too. Note: this has been nerfed in some hot fixes, but may be changed later on. Either way, it’s easy money.

Coral Island screenshot from Stairway games
Coral Island screenshot from Stairway games

During rainy days, the mines are prime to spend your energy and get bronze ore. Keep trying to farm it for bronze to upgrade your tools. They only take a day to upgrade and 2000 gold (and 20 Wood). Pretty simple. Once you get lower in the mines, they become slightly harder and the upgraded pickaxe is worth. I’ve progressed only hitting little stones until level 26, but I’ve seen various success with that strategy.

Once you hit level 30 of the Earth shaft, the grind to 40 is tedious. There is no elevator at 35 so you have to prepare with time and energy to go a full 10 levels. Juma, which is ~700G from the Fish n Sips Tavern, is worth to completely fill your energy bar plus extra. Just make sure you also have food for your health as the enemies can overwhelm you if you’re not careful.

Level 30 itself of the Earth shaft gives you 2 Juma, with level 40 giving you 4 Juma. After level 40, the Water shaft opens up and allows for easier farming of silver. I only used silver in spring for the Silo (100 Scrap, 300 Stone, 2 Silver bars, 2500G). If you can’t find it in the Earth shaft, you can always buy it from the Blacksmith at 250G a piece (2500G total for the 2 Silver bars). The Silo is useful to store hay, which you’ll need if you get animals. Hay costs 30G each from the Ranch.

Spring does have 2 festivals: the Cherry Blossom festival and Earth Day festival. They are both pretty incomplete. You can start and talk to folks within the Cherry Blossom festival, but it ends without much happening. The Earth Day festival isn’t working, either, so not worth attempting to attend. This is known by the devs.

Coral Island screenshot from Stairway games
Coral Island screenshot from Stairway games

For the villagers, you can gift them their favorite items daily to get hearts. Gifts on their birthdays is the easiest strategy to raising their fondness towards you. However, hearts only go up to 5 and they do have NPC cutscenes. The universal like is the Coconut Drink from the Fish n Sips Tavern. You will also notice you cannot find 2 NPCs: Lily and Nina. Lily hides away until the Cherry Blossom festival. Nina comes to town in Summer. No stress on identifying either of these two NPCs right away.

All in all, the above should get you completely set in Spring. Many folks who did the above were rolling in money, usually from catching bugs, and updated buildings and progress. It’s nice to get yourself set for Summer. If you prefer to take it slow, that’s okay, too! The game isn’t a min/max grindy game. Plus, it’s alpha! There are still lots of bugs to be worked out…

CRAB RAVE – from

Sadly, the best bug of the 1G Improved Bug Net is no longer in the game. Instead you have to dish out 3700G for the Improved Bug Net and Improved Fishing Pole. No fun!

Hopefully this helped you and let me know if you have any other questions or need some info!

Coral Island screenshot from Stairway games
Coral Island screenshot from Stairway games

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