Final Festivus XI Weekly Update Mar 24, 2023

Welcome back to Final Festivus XI, a news show to discuss the HorizonXI private server news and player content. 

Before I start, I ask you to follow the HorizonXI and FFXI rules as it relates to these news items. Don’t use this as a reason to go out and bother anyone. I’ve attempted to keep all names redacted as much as possible.

Not a lot of news this week. We had the weekly maintenance earlier today which was just for back-end work. There also seems to be some issues with equipment and linkpearls unequipping when people zone and an increase in crashes. So yet another emergency maintenance to fix it. 

In game, Windurst has claimed 0 regions and is dead last in conquest. Not fun for those in Windurst but they get super long signet timers as compensation. There was discussion in Discord around people deliberately dying to keep beastmen in control. Staff has shared that this is “era accurate” but I’ve also heard talk of them “watching how it goes” with players comparing it to griefing. The presumed intent isn’t to grief or harass players, but instead to control the auction house on certain items. 

Last week I talked a little bit about dynamis and how it was disabled. Over the weekend they re-enabled it! I’m crediting my stream with all the glory of bringing it back. 

There also seems to be demand for a spreadsheet to track who is using dynamis when. This would prevent folks from planning a dynamis event and not being able to enter when another group already has it. 

I talked a couple weeks ago about a streamer being banned and then last week about RMT sites advertising. I’ve heard a bit through the grapevine about the streamer more than likely being permanently banned and that additional ban waves have gone out for people cheating (botting, RMT, illegal add-ons, general rule breaking). I haven’t seen anything official from HorizonXI staff though I don’t expect them to release data on bans. 

Speaking of HorizonXI staff, I’ve seen questions related to a staff member who is no longer present. I’ve asked in DMs (not theirs) and confirmed they’ve stepped away from their staff role to go and “touch grass” (as the kids would say). No bad blood between them and HorizonXI, just taking some time IRL. I’m pretty bummed because they were pretty chill so hoping with spring season rolling in they have fun IRL. 

As always, there are still reports of blackscreening and r0s in Jeuno. Highly advise staying away, including all Jeunos! Apparently it’s spread to Port Jeuno now. Just stay away if you can. But the r0 issues from the daily backup seem to be resolved! So good news there!

For player news, there’s a WHM exclusive linkshell called Cure Burn that’s recruiting. It’s a social linkshell that organizes WHMs for experience points parties that uses skillchains for white magic bursts. It’s a load of fun and I highly recommend it for anyone who mains or subs WHMs. 

The good news of this week being slow with news is that Patch 1.1 is scheduled for next week Friday (3/31). To my knowledge, that’s still the case so hoping we get to see what changes will be implemented! I’m planning on a longer stream next week if there’s lots to cover. 

Anyway, that’s all for this week. Take care and see you next Friday o7

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