Final Festivus XI Weekly Update Mar 3, 2023


Welcome back to Final Festivus XI, a news show to discuss the HorizonXI private server. 

Before I start, I ask you to follow the HorizonXI and FFXI rules as it relates to these news items. Don’t use this as a reason to go out and bother anyone. I’ve attempted to keep all names redacted as much as possible.

We had big news this week with information around Enlight being shared! It drops from the BCNM Worm’s Turn and folks have been farming it since. Props to Holyavenger and Lothar for getting the information to be shared. 

I haven’t seen shouting or yelling to try and sell it but I assume the price has come down from the 2million we saw last week. It’s also a spell on the AH in case folks want to buy it there. That was updated. 

Patch notes this week have a buff to White Mages! The soft cap on healing spells and enmity (hate or aggro) generated by Cure V have been tweaked. Good news for my fellow WHM homies. 

Overall lots of fixes and tweaks to things. Most intended, some not. For example, Leaping Lizzy started to drop Bounding Boots which has been a bug. The developers fixed it before the show even went live. Also no idea why the original message was deleted, but it was a user talking about it. 

Update that may make some folks happy is a change to Claim Shield. The patch notes don’t share much but users are reporting Claim Shield is 8 seconds now. 

I remember a few weeks ago I was sharing how some folks were having difficulty with Claim Shield. Hopefully this change helps even the playing field for folks with higher ping. I also assume this could mean Claim Shield was added to more NMs (or general mobs). Again, the patch notes don’t detail much so this is all an assumption based on what I’ve read in HorizonXI discord. 

Once again, the HorizonXI staff are struggling on the moderating of Discord. Hopefully they figure out some bots and tools or they’ll inadvertently kill their community.

Follow me for more moderating tips 🙂 

That’s all for this week. Still working on a transcript for the Mog House Meeting. Take care and see you next Friday o7

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