Terrible photo with the caption "yes, that's me..."
Yes, that’s me…

Hello! o/

I’m Rahne and welcome to my blog!

I decided to start a blog as a creative outlet and way to focus my motivation. I like to get hyper-focused on random projects and things I want to do. I end up starting and stopping.

Hopefully that doesn’t happen here, but we’ll see.

The goal of this blog is really just for me to write my thoughts and ideas about video games. I play lots of video games and even stream most of them. But streaming is only a point in time and eventually the VODs get removed from Twitch. I have some things on YouTube, but recording and editing is way beyond my motivation and honestly, I absolutely hate watching videos. I can do movies/shows, but not content on YouTube unless it’s a music video. And yes, this extends to TikTok.

Okay, cool, I went on a little tangent. But whatever. I love train of consciousness typing because it has personality. And because my day job is all formal writing.

Back to video games… I play lots of games off stream and don’t talk about them much, if ever. But I have thoughts about them. I figure I start a blog, write some reviews, guides, tips and tricks or something? Might be worthwhile. Or maybe it’ll be a place for me to dump a bunch of data so I don’t have 200 tabs open. Who the heck knows.

The main focus will be “farming sim” games. Not Farming Simulator itself, but games like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing. Those games that are supposed to be peak comfy and wholesome but I end up grinding and min-maxing until I burn myself out. I’d love a website where I can read about each of the games in the farming sim genre to find the one that scratches that itch but I haven’t had any luck. So instead I’m starting my own and maybe others will find it useful.

Oooor maybe I’ll have old EVE Online nerds trying to Google me and come across this. Or friends that I pester into reading for “views” so I feel validated. Or my mom (hi mom thanks for the support ♥).

TL;DR Blog goals:

  • Farming sim video game Reviews
  • Guides, Tips, Tricks
  • Comparison list

Let’s see if we get there. Thanks for reading through to end, nerd! ♥


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